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Seven Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu Indianapolis Indiana


Kids will benefit in several ways by joining our Kid's Praying Mantis Program.

1.  Build confidence
2.  Develop respect
3.  Good discipline
4.  Protect oneself
5.  Develop a healthy body
6.  Make friends
7.  Learn Cantonese

Adults can also benefit by joining our Adult's Praying Mantis Program.
1.  Improve health
2.  Increase strength
3.  Better agility
4.  Reduce stress
5.  Develop self confidence
6.  Develop self discipline
7.  Protect oneself

The Adult Chin Na Program has many health benefits.

Mental health will improve by
1.  An increased mental awareness
2.  Building up mental endurance and establishing a strong will
3.  Understanding human chi body
4.  Training mental balance and stability
5.  Making friends

Physical health will improve by
1.  Stretching the physical body
2.  Understanding the structure of the physical body
3.  Learning how to heal oneself
4.  Firming physical balance, stability, centering, and root.