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Seven Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu Indianapolis Indiana

Rank Requirements

Praying Mantis: -------------------

The Praying Mantis kids basic curriculum is divided into the following sash levels listed below. Additional information on the requirements is available at the school.


White = Form is Sap Yi Lo Taam Tuui (12 Sets Springing Legs) - know the first 3 sets
Yellow = Form is Sap Yi Lo Taam Tuui (12 Sets Springing Legs)
= Form is Tiu Jin (Evade Battle)

= Form is Gung Lik Kuen (Strong Fundamentals Fist)
Blue = Forms are Sap Sei Lo (14 Sets) and Tsaab Tchoy (Stabbing Fist)

Brown = Forms are Jeet Kuen (Intercepting Fist) and Bung Bo (Crushing Step)

Black = Forms are Sap Baat Sau (18 Elders) and Daw Gong (Avoiding Rigidity)


The Praying Mantis adult curriculum is divided into the four levels listed below.  Additional information on the requirements is available at the school.


Basic = Hand forms are Sap Yi Lo Taam Tuui (12 Sets Springing Legs), Tiu Jin (Evade Battle), Gung Lik Kuen (Strong Fundamentals Fist), Sap Sei Lo (14 Sets), Tssab Tchoy (Stabbing Fist), Jeet Kuen (Intercepting Fist), Bung Bo (Crushing Step), Sap Baat Sau (18 Elders), Daw Gong (Avoiding Rigidity)

Baat Gong Sau (8 Hard Methods) - a two man form created by Master Henry Chung to work the 8 hard methods.

Intermediate Hand forms are Haag Foo Gow Tsaa (Black Tiger Criss Crosses), Dai Faan Tse (Big Tumbling Chariot), Baag Yune Tou Toe (White Ape Stealing Peach), Seew Gaa Sig (Small Gesture Form), Dai Gaa Sig (Large Gesture Form), Seew Faan Tse (Small Tumbling Chariot), Toe Faa Saan (Peach Flower Umbrella); Baag Yune Tsuud Dung (White Ape Exiting Cave); Yau Ling (Soft Spirit); Sew Foo Yin (Small Tiger Pheasant)


Weapons include Baat Gwaa Doe (Eight Element Sabre), Surng Bay (Double Daggers), Ng Long Gwun (Fifth Son Staff), Duui Ng Long Gwun (Fifth Son vs. Fifth Son Staff), Luk Hub Daan Doe (Six Harmonies Single Sabre); Luk Hub Surng Doe (Six Harmonies Double Sabres); Bench; Tserng (Spear); Daan Doe Duui Tserng (Single Doe vs. Spear)


Advance = Hand forms are Laan Jeet (Intercepting); Leen Waan Gum Toe (Chain Link Silky Suite);Yat Lo Dzaag Yeew (First Set Select Essentials); Yi Lo Dzaag Yeew (Second Set Select Essentials); Saam Lo Dzaag Yeew (Third Set Select Essentials); Sei Lo Bun Daa (4 Route's Running Combat), Mui Faa Kuen (Plum Flower Fist), Mui Faa Log (Plum Flower Falling), Mui Faa Sau (Plum Flower Hand); Tong Long Tou Toe (Praying Mantis Stealing Peach); Tong Long Tsuud Dung (Praying Mantis Exiting Cave); Ling Bung Bo (Understanding Crushing Step); Fay Ngaan Dverng (Flying Goose Palm); Lok Ying Dzerng (Descending Palm)


Weapons include Yeen Tsing Doe (Yeen Tsing's Sabre); Ng Hung Doe (Five Elements Sabre); Foo May Saam Dzeet Gwun (Tiger Tail Three Section Staff); Yat Lo Mui Faa Tserng (First Route Plum Flower Spear); Yi Lo Mui Faa Tserng (Second Route Plum Flower Spear); Gwun Dzung Dai Doe (Army’s Midst Big Broadsword); Dai Gwaan Doe (Big General Kwan’s Broadsword); Foo Tou Serng Ngou (Tiger Head Double Hook Swords)


Graduate = Dzuui Law Hon (Drunken Monk); Dzuui Daa Dzern Moon Sun (Drunken Beating of Guarding Door Deity); Joy Baat Sin Kuen (drunken 8 immortals)

Chin Na: -----------------

There are six levels to the chin na program.  The Seven Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu School shall recognize students on their ability, that being basic, middle, advance, or applications level.  Once a student can perform the material for that level then the Seven Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu School shall award that student with a recognition certificate.  The recognition certificate is just to help the student determine how well he/she is doing in the chin na program, which is different than the chin na certification given by Master Yang Jwing-Ming.


Basic Level = Demonstrate 7 locks from level 1.
Answer 3 questions on the following:
History of chin na and Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming chin na lineage.
3 categories that chin na techniques can be classified as.
5 items to train to have effective chin na.
5 categories of chin na.
The physical and mental health benefits.

General rules for grabbing chin na control.

3 ways of escaping from chin na.

4 ways of chin na stepping.
General rules for countering a grabbing chin na.
Chin na knowledge on fingers, wrist, elbow, shoulder, neck, waist, and leg

Level 1 Locks:
Finger = White Crane Nods Its Head, White Crane Twists Its Neck, Lift the Elbow to Break the Wing, White Crane Covers Its WIngs, Hands Embrace a Guitar, Single Finger Holding, Multiple Finger Holding, Butterfly Bores through the Flowers, Double Finger Split.
Wrist = Small Wrap Hand 1, Small Wrap Hand 2, Forward Wrist Press, Press the Wrist Up, Turning around Heaven and Earth.
Elbow = Turning Body Elbow Wrap, Forward Turning Elbow
Shoulder/Neck/Waist = Two Children Worship the Buddha

Middle Level = Answer 3 of the following questions listed in the basic level.  Demonstrate 7 locks from levels 2 and 3 with good flow and correct angles.

Level 2 Locks:
Finger = Large Roc Twists Its Wing, White Crane Bores the Bush, Large Python Turns Its Body, Rotating the Sky Post, Low Finger Press, Upward Finger Turn, Lock and Turn the Joint, Small Wrap Finger
Wrist = Large Wrap Hand, Low Inward Wrist Press, Forgive me for not going with you, The Child Worships the Buddha
Elbow = Reverse Elbow Wrap, Upward Elbow Press, Lion Shakes Its Head
Shoulder/Neck/Waist = One Post to Support the Heavens, Arm Wrap Around the Neck, Pressing Shoulder with Single Finger and Extending the Neck for Water

Level 3 Locks:
Finger = Thumb Press, Small Finger Hook, Small Finger Turning, Up Hook Finger
Wrist = Back Wrap Hand, Low Outward Wrist Press, Feudal Lord Invites to Dinner, Wild Chicken Breaks its Wings, The Hero Shows Courtesy
Elbow = Carry a Pole on the Shoulder, Hands Holding a Large Beam, Forward Upward Turning, Old Man Carries the Fish on his Back
Shoulder/Neck/Waist = Look to the Heavens and Shout, Force to Bow

Advance Level = Demonstrate 8 locks from levels 4 and 5 with body power and good sticking/stepping.  Demonstrate 2 leg chin na techniques from level 5.

Level 4 Locks:
Finger = Turning Finger Dividing, Upper Hook Dividing, Lower Hook Dividing
Wrist = Reverse Wrist Press, Wild Chicken Spreads its Wings, Push the Boat to follow the Stream
Elbow = Small Elbow Wrap, Large Elbow Wrap, Prop Up Elbow, The Heavens Turn and the Earth Circles - 2, Backward Upward Turning, Turn Back to Seize the Ape
Shoulder/Neck/Waist = Roast Peking Duck, Twist the Head to Kill a Chicken, The Hand Seizes the Dragon's Head

Level 5 Locks:
Finger = Control the Dragon's Head, Control the Dragon's Tail
Wrist = Send the Devil to Heaven, Turn the Body to Seize the Monkey, Walk with me
Elbow = Upward Elbow Wrap, Low Elbow Press, Old Man Promoted to General, Left Right Cross Elbow, Old Man Bows Politely, Both Hands Seize the Murderer
Shoulder/Neck/Waist = Twist the Arm and Press the Neck, The Arm Holds the Dragon's Head
Leg = Techniques to Make an Opponent Fall - Internal Upsetting, Techniques to Make an Opponent Fall - External Upsetting

Applications Level = Demonstrate 7 leg chin na techniques and 3 counter-locks from level 6 with the ability to regulate your body, breathing, mind, and chi while performing the locks.

Level 6 Locks:
Leg = Techniques to Make an Opponent Fall - External Upsetting, Techniques to Make an Opponent Fall - Circling, Techniques to Make an Opponent Fall - Against a Kick, Using a Leg to Apply Chin Na, Leg Chin Na on a Downed Opponent, Leg Chin Na Against a Kick

Counter Locks from Levels 1-5

Assistant Instructor Level = Teach a minimum of 24 hours at YMAA sponsored Chin Na seminars then pass a certification test with Master Yang Jwing-Ming, which consists of five locks and five counter locks.


Instructor Level = Serve as an Assistant Instructor for a minimum of 5 years.

Masters Level = Serve as an Instructor for a minimum of 5 Years.