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Working with Master Henry Chung on Dai Faan Tse (Big Tumbling Chariot) in Midland, Michigan, in 2010.

Performing Sew Gaa Sig (Small Gesture Form) in 2013.

Adult Praying Mantis


The adult praying mantis class is a great way to not only learn how to protect yourself, but there are many health benefits. Training increases your strength, gets you more flexible, and increase your physical endurance. It is very important to keep moving and kung fu provides this and much more. Other benefits can include lowering blood pressure, lowering stress, and becoming more mentally focused.

The Praying Mantis adult curriculum is divided into four skill levels.


Basic = Hand forms are Sap Yi Lo Taam Tuui (12 Sets Springing Legs), Tiu Jin (Evade Battle), Gung Lik Kuen (Strong Fundamental Fist), Sap Sei Lo (14 Sets), Tssab Tchoy (Stabbing Fist), Jeet Kuen (Intercepting Fist), Bung Bu (Crushing Step), Sap Baat Sau (18 Elders), Daw Gong (Avoiding Rigidity)

Baat Gong Sau (8 Hard Methods) - a two man form created by Master Henry Chung to work the 8 hard methods.

Intermediate = Hand forms are Haag Foo Gow Tsaa (Black Tiger Criss Crosses), Dai Faan Tse (Big Tumbling Chariot), Baag Yune Tou Toe (White Ape Stealing Peach), Seew Gaa Sig (Small Gesture Form), Dai Gaa Sig (Large Gesture Form), Seew Faan Tse (Small Tumbling Chariot), Toe Faa Saan (Peach Flower Umbrella); Baag Yune Tsuud Dung (White Ape Exiting Cave); Yau Ling (Soft Spirit); Sew Foo Yin (Small Tiger Pheasant)

Weapons include Baat Gwaa Doe (Eight Element Sabre), Surng Bay (Double Daggers), Ng Long Gwun (Fifth Son Staff), Duui Ng Long Gwun (Fifth Son Staff matches Fifth Son Staff), Luk Hub Daan Doe (Six Harmonies Single Sabre); Luk Hub Surng Doe (Six Harmonies Double Sabres); Wan Tau Dung (Bench); Tserng (Spear); Daan Doe Paw Tserng (Single Doe vs. Spear); Surng Gan (Double Gan); Surng Sao Doe (Two Handed Sabre); Gung Lik Gwun (Strong Fundamental Staff)


Advance = Hand forms are Laan Jeet (Intercepting); Leen Waan Gum Toe (Chain Link Silky Suite);Yat Lo Dzaag Yeew (First Set Select Essentials); Yi Lo Dzaag Yeew (Second Set Select Essentials); Saam Lo Dzaag Yeew (Third Set Select Essentials); Sei Lo Bun Daa (4 Route's Running Combat), Mui Faa Kuen (Plum Flower Fist), Mui Faa Log (Plum Flower Falling), Mui Faa Sau (Plum Flower Hand); Tong Long Tou Toe (Praying Mantis Stealing Peach); Tong Long Tsuud Dung (Praying Mantis Exiting Cave); Ling Bung Bo (Understanding Crushing Step); Fay Ngaan Dverng (Flying Goose Palm); Lok Ying Dzerng (Descending Palm)


Weapons include Yeen Tsing Doe (Yeen Tsing's Sabre); Ng Hung Doe (Five Elements Sabre); Foo May Saam Dzeet Gwun (Tiger Tail Three Section Staff); Yat Lo Mui Faa Tserng (First Route Plum Flower Spear); Yi Lo Mui Faa Tserng (Second Route Plum Flower Spear); Gwun Dzung Dai Doe (Army Midst Big Broadsword); Dai Gwaan Doe (Big General Kwans Broadsword); Foo Tou Serng Ngou (Tiger Head Double Hook Swords)


Graduate = Dzuui Law Hon (Drunken Monk); Dzuui Daa Dzern Moon Sun (Drunken Beating of Guarding Door Deity); Joy Baat Sin Kuen (drunken 8 immortals)

March 11, 2007 Indianapolis 4.JPG
March 11, 2007 Indianapolis 2.JPG

Top two pictures are when Master Henry Chung and Sihing Matt Chung came to Indianapolis for the first time in 2007 to offer a Praying Mantis seminar.


Performing Baat Gong Sau (8 Hard Methods) two person hand set at Master Henry Chungs 60th birthday party in 2016. 

John Wicker along with three of Master Henry Chung's students became disciples in 2016.

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