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Chin Na


Chin Na, which means "seize and control", is the study of how to control your opponent through joint locks and pressure point manipulation. Almost all Chinese martial arts styles have Chin Na in them and include it in part of their training. However, Chin Na can be a valuable addition to any martial arts style. Japanese Jujitsu and Aikido are based upon the same principles as Chin Na, and since the Chinese culture significantly influenced them, it seems probable that Chinese Chin Na also influenced their indigenous martial arts.  Chin Na is also well suited to self defense and law enforcement since the techniques can be used to control an assailant without causing injury or death.


Chin Na taught at the Seven Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu School is from Master Yang Jwing-Ming.  The techniques include about 60% White Crane and Tiger Claw Chin Na from Master Yang's first master, Cheng Gin-Gsao, and 20% Long Fist Chin Na (mainly from Eagle Claw, Praying Mantis and Cha Chuan styles) from Master Yang's third master, Li Mao-Ching. The remaining 20% Master Yang developed through his many years of martial arts experience. Chin Na is available to learn from books and videos, however, when learning Chin Na, feeling is 80% of the technique, which means getting the feeling of accurate control cannot be obtained from reading books and watching videos.  The class will give students this hands-on touch to get the correct feeling that is required to perform good Chin Na. The adult chin na program has many mental and physical health benefits. The warm-ups are based on Qigong and Tai Chi. There are seven skill levels to the chin na program.


Basic Level = Demonstrate 7 locks from level 1 and answer 3 questions about chin na.


Middle Level = Demonstrate 7 locks from levels 2 and 3 with good flow and correct angles and answer 3 questions about chin na.


Advance Level = Demonstrate 8 locks from levels 4 and 5 with body power and good sticking/stepping and demonstrate 2 leg chin na techniques from level 5.


Applications Level = Demonstrate 7 leg chin na techniques from levels 5 and 6 and 3 counter-locks from level 1 locks with the ability to regulate your body, breathing, mind, and chi while performing the locks.


Assistant Instructor Level = Teach a minimum of 24 hours of classes with an ability to teach others accurately then request the test which consists of 5 locks and 5 counter locks.


Instructors Level = Serve as an Assistant Instructor for a minimum of 5 years then request the test which consists of 10 locks and 10 counter locks.

Masters Level = Serve as an Instructor for a minimum of 5 years then have a verbal exam on chin na.


Above two photos from Louisville, Kentucky seminar, 2001

2003 Sept Memphis 3.jpg

Above photo from Memphis, Tennessee seminar, 2003

2005 Sept Memphis 3.jpg
2005 Sept Memphis 4.jpg

Above two photos from Memphis, Tennessee seminar, 2005

Naperville, Illinois Seminar 2006.jpg

Above photo from Naperville, Illinois seminar, 2006

Working on a lock in chin na class in 2016.

Master Yang presenting John Wicker with his Instructors certificate in 2021.


Above photo from Greenwood, Indiana seminar, 2016

image000000 (3).jpg
image000001 (1).jpg

Above four photos from Indianapolis, Indiana seminar, 2023

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