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Contact Information

John Wicker 3177558878

School Address

8921 E. Troy Ave., Indpls. IN 46239


Located on the southeast side of Indianapolis, near Wanamaker. Located inside Zion Gymnasium. Please feel free to stop by and visit us.  Please send any mail correspondence to John Wicker at 5919 Timberlake Blvd., Indianapolis, IN 46237.

Schools wanting to incorporate a Chin Na program:

Since chin na is one of the four ways to fight I believe every school and/or style should be practicing this way of fighting. Anyone who has a school or some structured martial arts program and wants to incorporate a chin na program, then contact Sifu Wicker. He can assist in developing this program.

Private Lessons:

For those who cannot make our normal class times or prefer to be in an individual learning environment contact Sifu Wicker about private lessons. He is available to teach praying mantis and chin na.

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