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Kids Praying Mantis

Kids demonstrating a praying mantis moving drill at the Marion County Fair in 2008.

There are many benefits to having your child do kung fu. Along with learning self defense, kung fu helps build confidence, respect, discipline, as well as the many health benefits, such as weight loss, build strength, and increase focus. Along with the training comes learning how to speak Cantonese and learn how to do traditional lion dance. Kids can start as early as age 4 and depending on skill level may enter adult class around age 13.


The Praying Mantis kids curriculum is divided into the following sash levels listed below.


White = Form is Sap Yi Lo Taam Tuui (12 Sets Springing Legs) - know the first 3 sets
Yellow = Form is Sap Yi Lo Taam Tuui (12 Sets Springing Legs)
Orange = Form is Tiu Jin (Evade Battle)
Green = Form is Gung Lik Kuen (Strong Fundamentals Fist)
Blue = Forms are Sap Sei Lo (14 Sets) and Tsaab Tchoy (Stabbing Fist)

Brown = Forms are Jeet Kuen (Intercepting Fist) and Bung Bo (Crushing Step)

Black = Forms are Sap Baat Sau (18 Elders) and Daw Gong (Avoiding Rigidity)

Working on strength training in kids class in 2019.

Coordination development and some soft conditioning on this drill performed in kids class in 2019.

Working on lion dance in the kids class in 2016.

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